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Slow Death for HighSpeed Rail : South Capitol Street

By Randal O’Toole Tea party victories in November likely signal the beginning of the end for President Obama’s ambitious and expensive high-speed rail plans. Republican governors-elect of both Ohio and Wisconsin have vowed to return federal high-speed rail funds that had been granted to those states. The governor-elect of Florida is also a rail skeptic, […]

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Funding Anticipated for Florida’s High Speed Rail Line | Inhabitat

Last year, $8 billion was set aside for high-speed rail lines in the US and then in December, Congress added another $2.5 billion to that total in hopes of spurring high-speed rail transportation. And money looks like it is already beginning to be distributed – the first lucky recipient? Florida. President Obama is set to […]

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Direct Link Article Directory » Florida HighSpeed Rail Consultant

Dealing with traffic has always been a problem, and many states are not sure how to go about effectively managing it. Sometimes, a high-speed rail system is an option. This provides an extremely efficient way to travel from one city to another without having to deal with all the traffic in between. Because of the […]

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