Primavera for Florida High Speed Rail Projects

I recently wrote about the differences between the Florida High Speed Rail and Commuter Rail projects that are getting underway in Florida. See the article here:

Florida High Speed Rail

Why Primavera Products Fit Florida High Speed Rail Projects

Here I will suggest why government organizations such as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) may be requiring the use of Oracle’s Primavera products for scheduling in their Florida High Speed Rail projects.

As an example, I recently saw one that required a “current Primavera Product” for submission of a working schedule. It did not specify which product but it did specify much about how the schedule was to be built, maintained and reported. For example, it requires: a traditional Critical Path Method contract schedule including outline and detailed schedule diagrams; for all activities must be cost loaded and coded by responsibility and phasing, all major phase and subphase levels must have key milestones at start and finish, Contractor and Contract defined calendars, as well as non-procurement activities. Each activity is to be well defined with an identification, description, total and remaining duration, early start, late finish, and total float. Furthermore it stipulated that constraints could only be used for project start and completion, that out of sequence progress could only be handled through retained logic, and that each activity should include a detailed description including early dates, float, relationships (with logical ties), resources and costs.

Florida High Speed Rail Projects are Perfect for Primavera’s Software Suite

While you may not be surprised at the amount of detail being required in Florida High Speed Rail projects, understanding that Primavera products allow you to manage, analyze, and report on this information with incredible ease makes it clear why government agencies would require a particular flavor of scheduling tool. Especially when the usual use of ‘constraints’ and ‘resource leveling’ are strongly curtailed (or prohibited all together), and certain other features such as “Retained Logic” vs. “Progress Logic” are also stipulated – options either not available or not as flexible in other scheduling tools.

If Florida High Speed Rail project managers create a fully implemented Project Management solution that encompasses Earned Value Management, Risk Analysis, and Business Intelligence and Reporting Analytics, you are in an ideal position to fully maximize your enterprise portfolio project management process, leading to greater profitability and success for your organization.

Florida High Speed Rail Contractors Can Benefit from Primavera Software

Whatever you love or hate Primavera products, you can not deny their strength, flexibility, or breadth. And while some will argue it is exactly those things which induce a less loving relationship, it is nothing a little training can’t fix and something which, when put to proper use, can dramatically increase the success of your enterprise portfolio project management for Florida High Speed Rail projects, (or any projects for that matter), and thus your competitive advantage.

To get a better understanding of how this has benefited one company, see what Hill International has to say about using Primavera products to standardize their project management. To watch the short video, follow this link:

Tricia Kyzar has a Master’s in International Business and a Minor in Urban and Regional Planning with extensive experience in Finance and project support in construction development.  Her passion is helping companies maximize their project portfolios through increased understanding of scheduling, risk analysis, earned value management, business intelligence, and reporting analytics.  She is currently a Senior Consultant for Mid-State Solutions, Inc, providing Primavera P6 training and Primavera consulting for Florida High Speed Rail Contractors using Oracle Primavera Products.

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